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>>> <<<. supplys the highest quality Artificial grass on the market, Artificial Grass Ireland's Synthetic Grass/Artificial grass's main strong points

  • Looks like real grass.

  • Our Artificial Grass Ireland Artificial grass has a patent, that gives it the properties of real grass.

    • Springs back up after being worked on, other artificial grasses remain flat.

    • Artificial Grass Ireland artificial grass has a 10 year colour fastness guarantee.

    • Does not shed like cheaper articial grasses.

  • Artificial Grass Ireland has a number of applications,

  • Artificial Grass Ireland artificial grass is used for lawns as an alternative to turf grass.

  • Artificial Grass Ireland also has applications such as football pitches, rugby, tennis and hockey fields. This is also refered to as All Ireland astro turf.

  • Artificial Grass Ireland can be also used as an artificial shop display grass for retailers.

  • Its a solution for Golf courses who need the real feel and durability.

  • It's an ideal solution for play areas, play artificial carpet grass can come in many different colours, green, white and even blue.

The main advantages of Ireland artificial grass are.

  • Its durable compared to high maintenance varieties.

  • Our grass is designed for the Irish Gardens,

  • Realistic blades, you don't have to wait long, our grass is managed and cut in Ireland, your dealing direct with an Irish Supplier.

  • Artificial Grass Ireland synthetic grass also has UV colour protection protecting it from sun damage.

  • Less costly to maintain long term than other synthetic or fake grasses.

  • More like real grass, than the carpet grasses on the market, touch it and feel the difference. Remember our brand Ireland Artificial grass.


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